Some events have been recorded. To listen to the recordings of the dances and teaching sessions, please click on the link to go to the page about each retreat.


22 – 24 February 2019, Crewe, Cheshire Spring Renewal – Preparing for New Life in the Year Ahead
16 – 19 May 2019, Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland The Beautiful Names of Life
7 – 10 Nov 2019, Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland
(password required)
All Roads Lead to the Soul: The Melodies of Remembrance



9 – 11 March, 2018, Crewe, Cheshire The Original Heart Dances and Beyond
12 – 15 April 2018, Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland In Tune with the infinite: the heart of Sufi Practice
21st – 25th November 2018, Oxford
(password required)
Essence of Zikr: Essentials of Practice


9 – 12 February 2017, Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland Caravan of Creation: Wisdom Teachings from Planet Earth
24 – 26 February 2017, Crewe, Cheshire Baraka: The Energy of the Heart
1st – 5th December 2017, Oxford
(password required)
Incense of Tranquility: Absorption into Reality


19th – 21st Feb 2016, Crewe, Cheshire The Secret Path of the Heart
26th-29th May 2016, Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland Baraka – the sufi way of blessing
2nd – 6th December 2016, Oxford
(password required)
The Strong, Slender Thread of Guidance


12th-15th Feb 2015, Allanton, Dumfries, Scotland Becoming A Friend of the Friend
27th Feb – 1st March 2015, Crewe, Cheshire Dancing from the Heart into the Stillness of the Mind
28th August – 1st September 2015, Oxford (password required) Unveiling the Light: The Path of Insight and Devotion


21st – 23rd Feb 2014, Crewe Exploring the Rhythms of our Lives
3rd – 4th May 2014, Crawshawbooth Streams of Light: breath and thought as carriers of healing
20th-21st Sept 2014, Kirkcaldy, Scotland Murshid Saul Barodofsky: “Mastery of everyday life”
17-21 November 2014, Oxford (password required) The Strong, Slender Thread of Guidance


10th – 12th May 2013, Crewe Fifty Ways to Find the Beloved, Part Two:
The Healing Life of Sufi Zikr and Meditation
28th August – 1st September 2013, Oxford (password required) Strengthening Our Inner Connection to Guidance:The Soul of the Message
29th Nov – 1st Dec 2013, Allanton, Dumfries Pir Shabda Kahn: Living From The Heart


2012: 24th – 26th February 2012, Crewe Fifty Ways to Find the Beloved:
The Many Colours of Sufi Zikr and Meditation
November 2012, Allanton, Dumfries Pir Shabda Kahn: In Tune With The Infinite