Crawshawbooth May 2014

Recordings of the Healing Event at the Village Hall, Crawshawbooth Saturday – Sunday, 3 – 4 May 2014

Prayer Nayaz and flower
Streams of Light: breath and thought as carriers of healing
Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz and
Nataliya Lapteva

This was an open non-residential weeekend, focused towards those who are interested in the work of the Dervish Healing Order in the UK ( The DHO, a sister branch of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, focuses its worldwide work on training conductors for the Sufi healing ritual, which sends healing energy to those who have requested it. As part of this work, the DHO shares practices of self-healing that increase health, well-being, magnetism, embodiment and compassion.

  • Exploring the power of the breath, developing magnetism, concentration and a healing atmosphere
  • Practices for developing healthy boundaries and becoming a container and channel for healing energy
  • Learning to clear and strengthen the mind, to be used as a healing instrument
  • Advanced work with the Walking Meditations of Murshid Samuel Lewis
  • Sitting meditation, the Sufi healing ritual. chant, zikr and dances of universal peace


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Saturday 3rd May 2014

10.30-12.30 First morning session 2 hrs
Intro, healing breaths, Nayaz, Invocation
Bismillah dance
Walk: Heart and wings
Saadi: teaching
2.00 Afternoon first session 1hr 15m
Abba Abada dance
Walk: star
Meditation: star
Mantra: Om Sri Ram
Chant: Ya Qudus
Question: fikr
Chant: Ya Manan
15.45 Afternoon second session 1hr 15m
Walk – with symbols
Breathing practices
Wa illa huna – dance
May All Beings Be Well
19.30 Evening session 1hr 30 mins
Zikr – Al Iklas

Sunday 4th May 2014

9.30 First morning session 1h 30 mins
Invocation, healing breaths, Nayaz
Walks – Jupiter & Saturn
Explaining the Healing Ritual
Healing Ritual (recording withheld)
11.30 Second morning session 1hr
Healing breaths, Nayaz, other teachings
Dance: Heart sutra
Meditation, Maha mudra
Dance: Kalama